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Spinal Subluxation

Many Potential Health Problems Can be Created by Spinal Subluxation

Misalignment of spinal vertebrae are referred to as subluxations. A subluxation may cause irritation to the nervous system and effect the structure, organs, and functions of the body which may result in some of the conditions shown below.

C1-3: Headaches, tension, migraine; dizziness; sinus trouble; pain in eyes, ears and face; allergies, hay fever; TMJ problems

Tucson Chiropractor Spinal Subluxation ChartC4-5: Neck pain and stiffness; nervousness, muscle tension; insomnia; throat and thyroid trouble

C6-7: Shoulder and arm pain and numbness; bursitis; poor circulation in the arms; swelling of hands

T1-3: Asthma, difficult breathing; heart problems; high blood pressure and pleurisy

T4-5: Pain between shoulders, chest and ribs; liver and gall bladder problems; shingles

T6-9: Stomach, pancreas and intestinal trouble; low blood sugar; indigestion, heartburn, gas

T10-L1: Colon trouble; constipation; kidney trouble; adrenal stress

L2-3: Backache; menstrual cramps; sterility, impotency; bladder problems

L4-5: Low back pain; sciatica; leg pain, poor circulation in the legs

Sacrum: Pain in the hips, legs, knees and feet; muscle cramps; spinal curvature